"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweet taste of a low price is forgotten" 

- Benjamin Franklin



The Frye Granite team of Natural Stone professionals combine for more than one century of actual involvement in home remodeling and granite fabrication/installation. As a matter of fact, the two managing partners have worked together for more than 27 years alone. We provide a professional, disciplined approach to our sales and service techniques while maintaining a positive atmosphere for our customers. Working closely with clients, we develop a set of personalized choices designed to meet your unique styles and budget.


We are very proud to be Northern Alabama's premier sales, fabrication and installation company. We use the best granite vendors and the highest quality quartz suppliers. We are currently stocking over 100+ colors of granite on our slab yard and have a constantly revolving inventory.


Over the past few years we have felt an overwhelming demand from customers to quickly evolve by expanding our products lines and services to include, led lighting, custom showers, faucets, tile flooring, tile backsplash and much more. Catering to all your needs under one roof is not only a convenience but also offers a great opportunity for savings. You've asked for it and we're prepared to deliver the highest quality service and brand names at the lowest possible prices.



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